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Wherever I see ,I see you ,whatever I do ,I find you , I eat –its u, I drink its u ,I sleep –its you ,here its you, there its you---this earth is you-this world is you- this sky is you –my life is you –MY SOUL IS THOU.

This is my SHANIDEV – my god

My life starts by you –

As a disciple and follower of shanidev – I want you all to know the greatness of kindest and biggest of all forces of universe ,those living on earth and those living there in sky.

The presence of shanidev can be tracked well lakhs of years ago when the earth was formed and SUN – who gives light to the world was at the top of his pride and was destroying the earth by his high degree of heat.
No one has the power or the courage to confront him and stop the carnage of the earth.
Even his wife CHHAYA was unable to see the face of her husband ,son shani and she couldn’t live in that condition.

Then the 3 lords Brahma ,Vishnu and Mahesh awaited and brought THE DAY –THE BIRTH OF THE JUDGE- THE KINDEST JUDGE.



People take shanidev as a planet, but he is the biggest of all , he is the ultimate , he is the king , he is the only one.
Surya – when sun came , brought light to everyone
chandra- when comes gives white light and silence to the night
rahu –ketu –when comes brings troubles to people
mangal – when comes bring discrepancies ,angry planet , rules health
budh- when comes gives brain
brihaspati – when comes bring wealth , and is guru of all
shukra – when comes bring devils and is guru of devils

The day had come and was born shanidev on the auspicious day of Saturday , but the birth of shanidev didn’t please sun and he was not happy with the appearance of shanidev.
Sun who is beautiful and bright in colour and likes bright things was unpleased at the dark and black complexion of shanidev and cursed him that how he could be so dark.

Thus was laid the seed for the enemities between father and son.
Sun and shanidev are biggest enemies.

But mother CHHAYA – who by her name only depicts evening was also unable to live with the intensity of sun celebrated the birth of shanidev and life moved on along with other siblings.
Shanidev by nature was arrogant ,angry and a rigid person and would show this behaviour at every moment.

Days were passing and shanidev along with his brother and sisters was growing up and situation was getting bitter for the sun.
Lots of complain and fear was coming from all over – that shanidev has captured all the stars who didn’t obey him, has stopped the flow of waters –who didn’t obey him .
Each and every element was affected by shanidev and even the 3 lords were shaking with fear – and they also didn’t have the courage to displease shanidev.

As days passed and situation for father sun , mother chhaya and shanidev himself got difficult.
Sun couldn’t tolerate the aggressiveness and looks of shanidev , chhaya was unable to bear the intensity of sun and unkindess of father and others shown to her son shanidev and shanidev himself who was very restless and wanted to break all shakles of freedom was getting more rigid with anger.

MOTHER CHHAYA- unable to bear the intensity of her husband surya(sun) decided to leave for tapovan ,himalayas and by using her power created a mirage of herself SANDHYA –which looked alike her and placed her inplace of herself and moved to Himalayas.
As sandhya was a look alike – no one ever understood that it was not chhaya.

But the love and intensity of a mother can be seen and felt.
One day my shanidev was playing and got hungry in the meantime.
He went to maa chhaya- who was actually sandhya and asked for food.
Shanidev got angry , rigid, arrogant and said – NO – FIRST GIVE ME , AND THEN TO ALL.
Sandhya denied and in anger shanidev kicked the stomach of sandhya.

Sandhya got angry and told that for this mischief shanidev u will be limb and you wont be able to walk properly-
This is due to this words said that shanidev has one leg short.

In anxiety shanidev ran to father surya and recited the whole situation.
Sun got very worried and ran immediately to the mirage – and asked to show her actual identity, as sun was aware that no mother can curse her son and also that son whom she loved so much.
The mirage sandhya got afraid by the anger of sun and came in her actual face ,and told that she was the mirage of MAA CHHAYA.
Sun said that since the curse cannot be taken back – but every curse is a blessing in disguise and henceforth not only in human beings ,nature ,god –every thing in the universe will be ruled by you .

But the incident left shanidev more angry and arrogant and he was becoming restless day by day.
One day shanidev as usual was going in a forest and was sitting under a tree named PEEPAL
And in the meantime sun was getting worried as he was unable to control his son., so he summoned and asked help from the biggest friend of shanidev ,lord hanuman.

Hanuman was sent to shanidev to try make him understand and tell him to come back to his father, but shanidev become angry and a tremendous fight held in between shanidev and hanuman.
In the process the body of shanidev got scratched and he was indulged in high pain and asked hanuman his friend for help.

Hanuman got moved and applied sarso(mustard and til oil) on shanidev’s body and he got instant relief from the pain.
Shanidev got pleased with the situation and said that in full universe it will be only hanuman who will never get effected my me and whoever will pray hanuman and apply chandan,chameli oil to hanuman on Saturdays will get my blessings.
Hence in this world and universe its only hanuman who is unaffected by shanidev and is seen as the best friend of shanidev.

Shanidev has helped hanuman many times, when hanuman put fire in ravaan’s golden empire lanka, it began to glow as it was made of gold, it was then hanuman asked help from shanidev and asked him to put his sight on lanka, shanidev helped and put his sight on lanka and whole empire became black .

So the greatness of shanidev was increasing day by day , but he remained restless.

Finally lord shiv gave blessings to shanidev and posted him on the throne of judgement and ruling the entire universe.

Shanidev gives fruits to a person according to his deeds and no one in this planet , universe –even gods have the courage to confront him or displease him.

He is the kindest of all and loves his followers like a son.



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Shrine of Shanidev in India

Shrine of Shanidev in India: In India there are many shrine of Shani dev.
Following are the some important shrine of Shanidev.

1) Shani Shingnapur:- "Shani Shingnapur" is a famous pilgrim centre of Shani dev.
Here, the deity self emerged from the earth in form of stone block and was found by shepherds. A unique aspect of this place is that no temple structure having the Shanidev.
There is only a simple platform on which stands the Swayambhu idol, in black stone.
Shani Shingnapur is located near Ghodegoan, Ahmednagar District, Maharastra.

2) Kokilavan Shanidham:- “Kokilavan Dham” is the famous temple of Shanidev.
It is believed that Kokilavan Dham is the place where Lord Shri Krishna gave darshan to Shani Dev.
He also granted him the boon that whoever came to his temple to pray would immediately be freed from all worries and afflictions.
Kokilavan Dham is situated at Kosi Kalan, near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

3) ShaniDham (Mehrauli):- In this "Shanidham" we can see the tallest statue of Shanidev.
The total hight of the statue is about 21 feet.
It is the tallest statue of shanidev in all over world.
It is made of Astdhatu and a natural rock of Shanidev.
This shanidham is at Fatehpur Beri, near Mehrauli, South Delhi, Delhi.

4) Shani Devaalayam in Deonar:- The deity of this temple is “God Shaneswara”.
Here, we can see the 7 feet tall attractive statue of Shanidev.
The temple is famous because of ritual puja.
On every Saturday, Swamiji starts puja in early morning.
The Aarti timing is 6.30 everyday.
The Shani devaalayam is situated east of shivaji Statute at the junction of Chembur, Deonar, Govandi on Mumbai-pune-Bangalore Eastern Express Highway, Mumbai (Mahrashtra).

5) In several parts of India, there are clusters of nine temples dedicated to the Navagraha (Nine Planet).
One such cluster is located near the town Kumbakonam at TamilNadu state, India.
Lord Shani's shrine in this cluster is located at Tirullar.
It is a Temple dedicated to Lord Darbaranyesvara, a Form of Lord Shiva, in which Lord Shani is located in a niche in a wall.
At this Temple, Lord Shani is considered to be of benevolent nature.
6) There is a Shree Shaneeshwarar Temple at Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.
7) Nastanpur Rakshasa Bhuvan, Nandagaon, Nashik District, State Maharashtra.
8) Shri Shani Teertha, Birjapur.
9) Shani Bhavan, Shani Temple, Aurangabad District,(Maharashtra).

In our Hindus society, it is habitual to bath Shani dev in mustard Oil.
Many people also raised this question that why people offer oil to Shani dev.
There is a short story behind this.
As per Hindu Epic Ramayana, when the bridge was constructed from Rameswaram to Lanka by Ram’s army, Hanumanji had the responsibility of looking after the security of bridge lest the enemy damage it.
One day Hanumanji sat under the trees and offering prayer to God Rama.
God Shanidev went there and said to Hanumanji, “I am the powerful god Shani dev.
I heard you are also so powerful, so I want to test your might with me.
Open your eyes and fight with me.”In response to shanidev, Hanumanji opened his eyes & said “Now I am meditating upon my lord.
I request you don’t disturb me in my prayer & leave me alone.”
But God Shani dev was stable on picking a fight.
At the same time, hanumanji stretched out his tail and started binding it around Shani dev. slowly he tightened the coiled tail.
God Shani dev tried to free himself but he could not.
Hanumanji moved his tail up & down hitting him against the stone of bridge.
Shanidev started bleeding.
When the pain was unbearable, God Shani requested to him, “Release me.
I will never do a similar mistake again.”
Hanumanji replied, “If you promise me that you shall never afflict Ram’s devotees then I will let you go” In the great pain shanidev promised to Hanumanji, “I will do as you say, I will never interfere in the destiny of those devoted to you & Ram.”
When shanidev became free, He asked to Hanuman, “Could you give me some oil to relieve my wretched pain.”
Then Hanuman gave the oil to Shanidev, after the spread of oil on his body, his pain was relieved immediately.
Since then it is customary to offer oil to Shanidev.
It is symbolic of soothing his pain.
He feels satisfied and this makes him benevolent towards the devotee

In India there are innumerable number of Sants, Mahatma, Sadhu born and contributed to the entire world their good thoughts and works.
In Shingnapur village, Udasi Baba was the great devotee of God shani dev.
He was the person who started puja, abhiskekh, etc. of shanidev in Shingnapur Village.
The Samadhi of udasi maharaj is situated opposite to Shri laxmi mandir.
Udasi baba spent his whole life in the service of God shani dev and his devotees.
And when he was 87 years old, he left this world and got Mukti.
The life story of Udasi maharaj is interesting.
One Sanyasi was suffering from disease due to the wrath or curse of shanidev.
So, he came to Shingnapur village from Bode Goan village as bala sanyasi.
In those days there was no one to perform any pooja, abhishekh, archana and prayers to shanidev completely.
In the early morning, he used to bring water of Panasa nala or well nearby the shani’s platform for clean the idol, Get flowers and fruits from nearby forest, etc.
After collecting all the puja material, he performed puja with all ritual.
After that, he used to go round the Shingnapur village for propagate Shani dev Mahima to the people.
In the evening after returning to village he would again perform pooja, archana, and just nearby the shanidev’s platform to sleep.
This was the daily routine work of Sanyasi.
His routine work was going on, in this way his disease was cured without any other medicine or by a medical attendant.
All this was happen with grace of shani dev.
After a very long time, sanyasi felt to return back to his own village Bode Goan.
When he was preparing to go back, all the villagers requested him not to live.
Hearing their request, Sanyasi was in dilemma.
He prayed to shani dev that show me the proper way & he went to sleep.
In the early morning God shanidev appeared before him in dreams and said,” hay sanyasi, I am so happy because of your service to me & my devotees.
So you don’t go anywhere and continue your pooja & propagate my mahima in the surrounding villages of Shingnapur.
I will grace you mukti in the end.” and thereafter Bhagawan Shani Dev disappeared.
After that Sanyasi decided that he will not go anywhere.
He stayed Shingnapur village & will give service to Shanidev & his devotees.
Everyday he used to perform pooja, Archana & tour to all nearby villages for propagate of shanidev mahima.
Like this time passed on.
Now he became famous for his devoted of shanidev.
People donated thing for his comfort but he never accept much more except basic needs.
In his whole life, he never built house for himself & nor did he keep any kind of property.
He was not having any ambition in his life except service of shanidev.
That’s why people called him “Udasi Baba” or “Udasi Maharaj.”
As a respect people also called him “Pujari Baba” or “Swamiji”.
When he was 87 years old, he left this world and got Mukti.
He was very good man.
He gave his entire life in the service of shanidev & his devotees.
In the premises of Shingnapur village & nearby village people have respect, love and bhakthi toward Udasi Baba.
In the respect of udasi Baba People built his Samadhi opposite to shanidev platform.
Today also people follow ritual of performing puja of shani dev which was started by Udasi Baba. Only men can perform the puja but after pure bath & with wet cloth.
Women are not allowed to this ritual.
They can take darshan below the shani’s platform.
Introduction of Sade Saathi :

In Vedic astrology, Sade Saathi has many names, like Sade Saathi, musibathi, shanichari, aafath etc.
Nature is well understood by the science of astrology.
There are many classes of astrology in our society.
Vedic astrology, industrial astrology, personal astrology etc. are the examples of astrology.
But in this astrology, the study of Rasi and the effect of planets have an important role.
In the science of astrology, all the conditions of human being are affected by the combination of planets in a group.
Every planet has a special role. Happiness and sorrow play hide and seek in man’s life.
It is presume that planet Shani has place of the “planet of sorrow”.
Saade Saathi is the period when planet Shani, transits through the 12th, 1st, & 2nd house from the natal moon.
Sade Saathi is a period of 7 ½ years, which means that planet Shani takes 2 ½ years to travel each sign(Rasi), as one revolution of Saturn around the Sun takes 30 Years, so it will stay in a 30˚ slot or in one house for a period of 2 ½ years.
Planet Shani transit through 3 houses is called “Sade Saathi” (2 ½ x 3= 7 ½).
Therefore, this patch of 7 ½ years is known to bring suffering, sorrows & bad luck.
This is known by people as “Sade Saathi”.

In Vedic astrology, this journey is assumed particularly important because this transit is supposed to show difficult results either to the native or the native’s relatives.
Many astrologers say, that the native who is transit through Sade Saathi, will earn defamation, ill luck & failures in all spheres of life.

Effects of Sade Saathi :

Generally it is shown that, In the Man’s life, Sade-Saathi comes thrice in a horoscope.
First is in childhood, second is in youth & last is in old age.
The First Sade Saathi effects on education & parents of native.
Second Sade Saathi effects on profession, finance & family and the last one affects on health more than anything else.
The effects of “Sade Saathi” are common for all human being or creatures.
Then, whether they are saints, great people, spiritualists, Gods or godly people, etc. all have them have the same effect.
Whether it is king Veer Vikramaditya, Nala Damayanti & people of any kinds, the effect of it is the same for all.
Generally, the effect of Sade Saathi will be shown on Aquarius, Capricorn and Pisces Rasi.

Remedies of Sade Saathi :

Following are the some preventive remedies of sade saathi effects.
1) Ill effect of Shani’s sade saathi can be reduced by giving alms of black cloth, black mole (Til), leather shoes, cereals or iron as per your capacity.
2) Perform pooja of God Shani Dev on Saturday.
3) Recite mantra of Lord Shani Dev on Saturday.
4) Keep fast on Saturday.
5) Restrict your food to Urad pulse, grams, gram flour, black mole (Til), black salt etc.
6) To wear blue sapphire weighing 5 1/4 Ratti or more set in gold or Panchdhatu. (Panchdhatu means mixture of Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, & Zinc)
7) You should also wear an iron ring made of horse-shoe or nail made from a boat. Wear ring in middle finger of right hand. Before wearing the ring, Keep fast on Saturday, Clean ring in holy water or Ganga’s water, light incense stick, perform pooja and recite mantra 108 times. After wearing the ring give alms. This will reduce the ill effects of Saturn giving peace and prosperity.

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The name "King Vikramaditya" has been assumed by many kings in Indian history. Vikramaditya was the king of Ujjaini.
He was famous for his wisdom, valour and magnanimity.
Due to his great power he had became “emperor”.
Madenlekha (Queen of Ujjaini) was the wife of Vikramaditya.
He had two children Adityavardhan & Manjili.
The seven god of the week are the Sun (Surya dev), Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn (Shani dev).
Once upon a time, the seven god of the week, were in meeting.
Rahu and Ketu are also there.
Rahu & Ketu put one question in front of them.
The question was “who is the powerful god among us?” They could not decide on this matter.
So, they went to Devraj Indra for his adjudication.
God Devraj Indra thought if he gave decision in favour of any one god then other will be unsatisfied with me.
He told them that respected gods, I am also like you so, how can I decide that who is great & I can’t give an impartial judgment.
So, better thing for all of you go to the planet earth.
There is King Vikramaditya.
He is very good justice on all over the earth.
Hearing this entire thing at last all God went to King Vikramaditya.
When all gods came to King Vikramaditya then king gave big respect to them and begged for any king of service.
They told him about their problem.
It was very difficult task for Vikramaditya.
But he was dutiful king so, he accepted this challenge gracefully.
After thinking on this, He arranged seven thrones.
These thrones were made from Gold, Bronze, Brass, Tin, Zinc, Mica, & iron respectively.
The thrones were put by numbers.
The Gold throne was put at number one & the iron throne was at the last.
Then King Vikramaditya requested to seven gods for grace the throne of their own selection. God Surya (Sun) was in the gold chair while God Shani selected the iron chair.
When the seven gods had sat in the chair of their own selection, Vikramaditya said, “Now according to the order of your throne you may decide your own rank & none can thrust my judgment upon you.”
Hearing to this, God Shani (Saturn) stood up & said to King Vikramaditya, “You ranked me the lowest among these gods.
You don’t know my power.
Sun can stay on a Zodiac (Rashi) for One to Two months, Marsh for half and one month, Jupiter for maximum thirteen months, Mercury and Venus for one month only.
Rahu & Ketu for eighteen months.
But only me who can reign a Zodiac from two and half years to seven and half years.
This period is called as “sade sathi”.
Due to this sade saathi period powerful god also trembled.
When I was angry on Rama then he got banishment instead of throne.
Now be prepared because it’s your turn.”
Saying all this God shani went back.
After a very short time, the “Sade Sathi” period was occupies by Shanidev on Zodiac of Vikramaditya.
From here, king’s sade sathi period began which was for seven & half year.
Shani dev went to Vikramaditya’s kingdom as a horse-seller & he had very attractive horses. People were also praise of those horses.
When King Vikramaditya heard about the strange horses, he sent to Ashawapal to buy a best horse for him & when Ashawapal came with one attractive horse, then king was so pleased to see the horse that he could not stop himself for riding on this horse.
But, when he was riding on horse, the horse disappeared in the air with a great speed.
After a few second king was in deep and thick forest.
He had very tired.
Due to out of his kingdom, King Vikramaditya faced many problems.
These entire problems were created by God Shani dev.
At the palace of Ujjaini, Queen Madenlekha was worried about King Vikramaditya.
Queen Madenlekha was the devotee of Shani Dev.
So, she requested to Shani dev to save her husband.
Due to the Prayer of Queen Madenlekha, Shanidev promised that I will save your husband but he has to endure for his work (Karma).
King Vikramaditya was out of from his kingdom so, no body was introducing him.
At last Vikramaditya reached a nearby city and in the city he met a respectable businessman. This businessman also not introduced Vikramaditya.
King was looking like a beggar.
With the sympathy, the businessmen took him to his home and arranged food for him.
On that day businessman earned more profit due to the grace of Shani dev.
But, he thought that this man (King) is lucky for him.
Thinking this he kept him to his house for work.
The king was enduring his Sade Sathi period.
He was living in the Businessman’s home by changed name.
After some days, there was a marriage of Businessman’s daughter.
In this marriage Vikramaditya was the responsible person.
He went to the market with businessmen’s another daughter for purchasing of Marriage’s material.
In the market, Vikramaditya met to shanidev who was in disguise.
Shanidev gave a picture of duck to Vikramaditya.
The marriage arrangement was going on properly.
Suddenly, the marriage’s necklace of bride had lost.
The necklace was swallowed by the duck which was in picture.
Businessmen’s wife asked to king about necklace but King could not explain anything to her.
She thought that king is thief and she arrested him by the soldier of king Chandrasen.
King Chandrasen was the enemy of King Vikramaditya.
Looked to Vikramaditya, King Chandrasen was very happy.
He ordered to their soldiers that King Vikramaditya’s hands and feet be cut with one stroke of a sward.
Listening to this order Vikramaditya cried out.
But, Soldiers cuts the hand & feet of him.
Now, The King was without hand and feet.
He was dallying like Beggar. An “Oil seed Crusher (Teli)” was looking him and he felt pity on him. He took him to his house and arranged food for him.
He also dressed the king’s wounds and after some days, Teli made him capable of driving the bullocks around the grinding machine.
Now, Vikramaditya can do his work properly.
Like this time passed on.
The Sade Sathi period was about to be over.
One night, the king was alone in his work.
He was singing song.
The voice was sweet.
His voice was breaking the silence of the night.
In the nearest kingdom, one princess heard the song & she got fascinated towards the singer (Vikramaditya).
Princess called to her personal attendant and sent him to know about the singer.
After some time, the attendant came back and he told to princess that the singer was servant of “Teli” and he is handicapped.
Listening to this thing, Princess decided that she would marry with that singer otherwise she would remain unmarried throughout her life.
When princess parents heard about this decision they resented on princess.
But, ultimately they were ready for that decision.
The King (father of princess) went to the Teli with the proposal of Marriage.
The king said to Teli, “Arrange for the marriage of this handicapped person, my daughter wants to marry with this man.”
Teli did not believe on king but at the final teli became ready for marriage.
Marriage of Princess and handicapped Vikramaditya was over.
But princess parents were not happy.
At the mid-night of honeymoon King Vikramaditya had a small nap.
God Shani dev visited to the King’s dream and said, “King Vikramaditya, you ranked me the lowest among the gods.
All this happened with you this is effect of my sight.
You have undergone enough sufferings for your misjudgment.
But now your Sade Sathi period has over.”
Hearing this news king became happy and he requested to Shani dev “Do not inflict such suffering in future on anyone like me.
The God accepted the king’s request and disappeared.
After the disappeared of shanidev when King Vikramaditya opened his eyes, he became surprise to see that his hands and feet in proper shape.
The princess & her family member were also so much happy to see this.
But when they knew about the reality of handicapped person that he is King Vikramaditya, king (princess father) was overwhelmed with joy and praised his stars.
This news reached immediately in all area & nearest area.
The businessman also got this news and felt guilty to his behavior with Vikramaditya.
He went to Vikramaditya & requested him, “Excuse me for my wrong behavior with you.” And he also invited him for dinner.
King Vikramaditya accepted his request & next day he went to businessman’s house for dinner. In the house of businessman, King Vikramaditya said, “I shall dine in the same room where the necklace had lost.”
Without asking any question, the businessman arranged the dinner in that room.
When the Vikramaditya were dining, he saw to his great surprise that the invaluable necklace was emerging from the same duck which was in picture.
This Imaging thing was seen by all the people who were present in that house.
The businessman was so much overwhelmed with joy and he too decided to marry off his daughter to Vikramaditya.After some days, King Vikramaditya returned to his Kingdom.
Queen Madenlekha became so much happy to see Vikramaditya has returned to his kingdom. On the next day in the court, The King Vikramaditya said to his courtiers to make a proclamation by the beat of drum that God Shani is also powerful like other God and so, they should keep fast on Saturday as a mark of honor of God Shani dev.
After that in the kingdom of King Vikramaditya, there was arrangement of worship of Shani dev at every Saturday.
Now, Vikramaditya & his two queens were live happily.
Kokilavan Dham” is the famous temple of Shanidev.
This temple is situated at Kosi Kalan, near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh (India).
It is believed that Kokilavan Dham is the place where Lord Shri Krishna gave darshan to Shani Dev.
This temple is visited by many devotees on Saturday.
There is an interesting story about Shani Dev and God Krishna.
When God Krishna was born all god visited to Nandgaon.
God Shani was also one of them.
Everyone was allowed to take Darshan of God Krishna but not Shanidev.
When Shani dev was going to take Darshan of Krishna then Yashoda stopped him at the door and said,” You can’t see my baby because your name is fearful.
If my baby sees you, he will be frightened.”Hearing this Word of Yashoda, Shani Dev felt disappointed and went to nearby forest and started penance.
After a short time God Krishna appeared before him in the forest and asked him, “What is the problem.
Why you are in forest?” Shani dev replied, “O God! Please tell me one thing, when I am doing my duty to punish people according to their work (Karma).
Then why people think about me that I am malignant and cruel.
Why people think that Shani dev creates trouble only.
Why do they avoid even my shadow? Today also when all god could enjoy the bliss of your Darshan, I am denied that right and benediction.
"God Krishna advised Shanidev to stay put near Nandanvan.
He also granted him the boon that whoever came to his temple to pray would immediately be freed from all worries and afflictions.
At last, God Krishna visited the temple and began playing the divine flute. Hearing the sound of flute, the Gopis arrived but Krishna turned himself in the form of a Cuckoo (Koyal in Hindi).
That place of the forest where Krishna appeared before Shanidev, has since been called “Kokilavan”. Now it is famous for “Kokilavan Shanidham”.
God Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord Shiva.
He is a great devotee of Lord Rama.
He helped to Rama in the war with Ravan.
Mace (Gada in Hindi) is the weapon of this God.
The other name of Hanumanji is Mahaveer, Pavan Suta, Bajarangbali, Kesharinandan etc.

Here, is the story of God shanidev & Hanumanji.
As per Hindu Epic Ramayana, When Hanuman went to the Lanka in search of Sita mata (Wife of Lord Rama).
After meeting with Sita mata, when Hanumanji was coming back, he met with many God who were in clutch of Rakshash (Evil) King Ravan.
God Shanidev was also there.
Hanumanji helped freeing shanidev and getting out of Lanka.
Because of Hanumanji helped Shanidev they both became friends.
Here, Shanidev Promised to Hanuman that anyone who prayed to him (Hanuman), he would be rescued from the baleful effects of Shanidev.

Other story of Shanidev and Hanumanji:God Surya Dev is the Father of Shanidev.
Surya dev is also the Guru (Teacher) of Hanumanji.
After the completion of course, Surya dev said to Hanuman, “You have become adept in all forms of wisdom and weapons, now go to your mother Anjani” But Hanumanji requested to Surya dev “Give me an opportunity to repay for your tutelage” Suryadev said to Hanuman, “my wayward son shani is the cause of my sorrow only, Go and bring that wayward son of mine back to me”.
Listening to the order of Surya dev, Hanuman went to Shanilok.
When he was going to shanilok many planets tried to stop him but they were unable.
When Shanidev saw hanuman he asked to him, “Who are you? Why are you come here? Do you not fear with die?” Hanumanji replied, “I am Hanuman, The disciple of Lord Surya.
Lord Shani you have all power & virtues, but your greatest drawback is disobeying your father.
It’s not good & it’s the greatest sin.
I have come here to take you to your father.” Hearing all this Shani became angry & said, “You don’t know my power, Powerful god also trembled with my power so better thing for you go back immediately otherwise I will burn you” Hanuman replied, “I have not came here to go back”.
Then Shani Dev crooked gaze on Hanuman but shanidev could not burn him so, Shanidev sat on his head.
They were inside a room.
Immediately Hanuman increased his size because of which shani pressed between hanuman and the ceiling.
When the pain was unbearable, Shani requested to God Hanuman to release him.
When shanidev became free from Hanuman then shanidev Promised to Hanuman, “Anyone who will worship you on Saturday, I will never be terminate them.” After that shanidev & hanumanji went to Suryadev.
Shanidev became happy to see them.


Jay Ganesh Girija Suvan, Mangal Karan Kripaal,Deenan Ke Dukh Door Kari, Kijei Naath Nihaal.
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Prabhu, Sunahu Vinay Maharaaj,Karahu Kripa He Ravi Tanay, Raakhahu Jan Ki Laaj.
Jayati Jayati Shanidev Dayaala, Karat Sada Bhaktan Pratipaala.
Chaari Bhuja, Tanu Shyaam Virajei, Maathe Ratan Mukut Chhavi Chhajei.
Param Vishaal Manohar Bhaala, Tedhi Drishti Bhrakuti Vikaraala.
Kundal Shravan Chamaacham Chamake, Hiye Maal Muktan Mani Damakei.
Kar Me Gadaa Trishul Kuthara, Pal Biich Karei Arihi Sanhaara.
Pingal, Krishno, Chhaaya, Nandan, Yam, Konasth, Raudra, Dukh Bhanjan.
Sauri, Mand Shani, Dash Naama, Bhaanu Putra Pujahi Sab Kaama.
Jaapar Prabhu Prasann Havei Jaahi, Rankahu Raav Karei Kshan Maahi.
Parvatahu Trin Hoi Nihaarat, Trinahu Ko Parvat Kari Daarat.
Raaj Milat Van Raamahi Dinhayo, Kaikeihu Ki Mati Hari Linhayo.
Vanahu Me Mrig Kapat Dikhaai, Maatu Jaanaki Gai Churaai.
Lashanahi Shakti Vikal Karidaara, Machiga Dal Me Haahaakaara.
Raavan Ki Gati-Mati Bauraai, Ramachandra So Bair Badhaai.
Diyo Keet Kari Kanchan Lanka, Baji Bajarang Bir Ki Danka.
Nrip Vikram Par Tuhi Pagu Dhaara, Chitra Mayoor Nigali Gai Haara.
Haar Naulakha Laagyo Chori, Haath Pair Daravaayo Tori.
Bhaari Dasha Nikrasht Dikhaayo, Telahi Ghar Kolhu Chalvaayo.
Vinay Raag Dipak Mah Kinhayo, Tab Prasann Prabhu Hvei Sukh Dinhayo.
Harishchandra Nrip Naari Bikaani, Aapahu Bhare Dom Ghar Paani.
Taise Nal Par Dasha Siraani, Bhunji-Meen Kud Gai Paani.
Shri Shankarahi Gahyo Jab Jaai, Paaravati Ko Sati Karaai.
Tanik Vikalokat Hi Kari Reesa, Nabh Udi Gayo Gaurisut Seesa.
Paandav Par Bhai Dasha Tumhaari, Bachi Dropadi Hoti Ughaari.
Kaurav Ke Bhi Gati Mati Maarayo, Yuddh Mahabharat Kari Darayo.
Ravi Kah Mukh Mah Dhari Tatkaala, Lekar Kudi Parayo Paataala.
Shesh Dev-Lakhi Vinati Laai, Ravi Ko Mukh Te Diyo Chhudaai.
Vaahan Prabhu Ke Saat Sujaana, Jag Diggaj Gardabh Mrig Svaana.
Jambuk Sinh Aadi Nakh Dhaari, So Phal Jyotish Kahat Pukaari.
Gaj Vaahan Lakshmi Grih Aavei, Hay Te Sukh Sampatti Upajaavei.
Gardabh Haani Karei Bahu Kaaja, Singh Siddhakar Raaj Samaaja.
Jambuk Buddhi Nasht Kar Daarei, Mrig De Kasht Praan Sanhaarei.
Jab Aavahi Svaan Savaari, Chori Aadi Hoy Dar Bhaari.
Taisahi Chaari Charan Yah Naama, Svarn Lauh Chaandi Aru Taama.
Lauh Charan Par Jab Prabhu Aavei, Dhan Jan Sampatti Nasht Karaavei.
Samta Taamra Rajat Shubhakaari, Svarn Sarvasukh Mangal Bhaari.
Jo Yah Shani Charitra Nit Gaavei, Kabahu Na Dasha Nikrisht Sataavei.
Adbhut Naath Dikhaavei Leela, Karei Shatru Ke Nashi Bali Dhila.
Jo Pandit Suyogya Bulavaai, Vidhivat Shani Grah Shaanti Karaai.
Peepal Jal Shani Divas Chadhaavat, Deep Daan Dei Bahu Sukh Paavat.
Kahat Ram Sundar Prabhu Daasa, Shani Sumirat Sukh Hot Prakaasha.

Shri Shani Dev ki Aarti

Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari,Sooraj Ke Putra Prabhu Chaaya Mahataari .
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.
Shyaam Ank Vakra Drasht Chaturbhujaa Dhaari,Nilaambar Dhaar Naath Gaj Ki Asavaari .
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.
Kirit Mukut Shish Sahaj Dipat Hai Lilaari,Muktan Ki Maal Gale Shobhit Balihaari.
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.
Modak Mishtaan Paan Chadhat Hai Supaari,Lohaa Til Tel Udad Mahishi Ati Pyaari.
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.
Dev Danuj Rishi Muni Surat Nar Naari,Vishvanaath Dharat Dhyaan Sharan Hai Tumhaari.
Jay Jay Shri Shanidev Bhaktan Hitakaari.